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Event Services

Running special events from conferences to product launches can be tricky and time-consuming. Rather than overload existing staff we can help you by bringing in specialist skills and experience to help your events work well.

We have run conferences for up to 300 people and many smaller seminars and workshops. We can help at any and every stage:

  • Designing the agenda
  • Engaging and liaising with speakers
  • Setting up booking systems and managing delegates
  • Planning and managing discussions and breakout sessions
  • Working with caterers and technical staff
  • Choosing and setting up venues
  • Supporting work on publicity and promotion
  • Managing your event on the day
  • Recording outcomes and writing up reports.

Our staff can work with and alongside yours and ensure that your staff are not distracted by organisational matters on the big day.

Contact us without obligation for a discussion of your needs.

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Why the White Horse?

The White Horse on this site is the White Horse of Uffington, one of the oldest surviving pieces of art in the UK. It's a 70m long chalk carving. Its simplicity and flowing lines mark it out as a classic of design. Simplicity and clarity is at the core of my training and facilitation work – essential when training on complex issues! For more on the White Horse and sustainability download here.