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Chris Church has been running training events for over 25 years and is a qualified teacher. For the last eight years he has also worked with the London social enterprise Talk Action, running courses on facilitation and communication.

If you are planning any process where staff or volunteers are going to engage an audience or run an event, we can design and run an interactive and enjoyable course that will help them do this well and will match their needs and experience.

If you want to build skills within your team we can short or longer courses on issues that include:

  • Making meetings work
  • Community engagement
  • Working with communities
  • Getting your message across
  • Project and campaign development

Contact us without obligation for a discussion of your needs.

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Why the White Horse?

The White Horse on this site is the White Horse of Uffington, one of the oldest surviving pieces of art in the UK. It's a 70m long chalk carving. Its simplicity and flowing lines mark it out as a classic of design. Simplicity and clarity is at the core of my training and facilitation work – essential when training on complex issues! For more on the White Horse and sustainability download here.