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Our People

Chris Church is our lead trainer. Chris is a skilled and qualified facilitator and trainer with over 25 years of experience. He has a unique range of experience at international, national, local and community level. His training has been delivered to many sectors and organisations and covers work from policy-focused advocacy through to community development. He is equally at home facilitating in corporate boardrooms, social enterprise workshops, and community centres.


“Chris facilitated our session and his knowledge was fantastic – the session was engaging and specifically tailored to our audience. Every person who attended thoroughly enjoyed the session and it was great getting to know such a friendly trainer”
Karl Rooney, Beechwood, Ballantyne & Bidston Big Local Programme Manager / Liverpool Housing Trust




Jan McHarry leads on event organisation. She and Chris have organised many workshops and conferences over the last twenty years with consistently good feedback. She can help work out your needs and aspirations for an event, advise on venues, set up booking systems, deal with speakers, set up one-the-day management, and indeed ensure that the feedback surveys are passed out and filled in.

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Why the White Horse?

The White Horse on this site is the White Horse of Uffington, one of the oldest surviving pieces of art in the UK. It's a 70m long chalk carving. Its simplicity and flowing lines mark it out as a classic of design. Simplicity and clarity is at the core of my training and facilitation work – essential when training on complex issues! For more on the White Horse and sustainability download here.